Fevers and Snakes in the Moto


This week I came down with a terrible virus with a high fever and body ache.  I have never experienced anything like it and I was knocked out in bed.  The tropics have some crazy viruses and I had to try to sleep in an extremely hot room and recover.  My kids kept bringing me water and trying to see how long this was going to last.  It was sweet, but I think they were really trying to figure out how long they had a break from school. 

Meanwhile, Dustin was managing all that is happening on the property.  We have seven workers now finishing up the bathrooms for the children’s center and creating the water system.  Water is not something you hook up and turn on but something you calculate carefully finding ways to save, pump, and preserve every drop.  Right now is the dry season and there are many people along our road without any water.   After a hot day of work, the guys and kids from class saw a snake climb up inside the frame of Icidro’s moto.  They tried for awhile to get it out but never could, so he drove away standing up and hoping for the best.