Crotch beetles and shrimp scones

In the middle of the night I felt something on my upper thigh and reached down to feel a hard insect.  I quickly grabbed it and threw it at the wall.  Of course I had to turn on the lamp to see what it was and freak out!  It was a giant black beetle.  Dustin was still pretending to sleep this whole time and I couldn’t stop squealing about it waking me up from a dead sleep when he starts laughing and says, “I guess the dreaded crotch beetle finally came for you.”  Not funny.

Nicaragua has two seasons hot and very hot.  The garbage deteriorates very quickly and often is rotten and terribly smelly in one day.  One night we had shrimp for dinner and the next morning we came out to a reeking garbage can.  We tried to air it out but the whole morning as we made scones we joked that they were still going to taste like shrimp.