Property that isn't for sale...

water and light salinas grandes nicaragua

Most things in Nicaragua move slowly.  But last Sunday we walked a property we have been seeking out for months.  It's not even listed but a friend helped us track the phone number of the owner so we could ask if he would be willing to sell.  The owner met us there and gave us documents and the whole process started rolling more quickly than we expected.  The property is 1 acre on the beach with lots of developed trees, close to the city water supply, and strong electricity poles.  All the lots we have looked at have been overpriced and we have yet to find a place to rent that would work for hosting lots of kids for our growing English club activities.  The next day we called a lawyer and tried to take down directions to meet up with him in the afternoon.  We drove to the general area and decided to go look for a place that makes photocopies as we waited for a friend to call us back who knew where his office was placed.  I saw a sign that looked like a promising place to make copies and I motioned for Dustin to quickly pull over.  As we looked up, we realized we were sitting right in front of the lawyer’s office.  We laughed because it is extremely difficult to find places in the city with no street signs or address numbers.  We could have spent all afternoon looking, but we drove straight to it.  We walked inside and found a very helpful and well-spoken lawyer.  This week we had several meetings confirming the property history and each time, miraculously, I was able to understand the lawyer jargon in Spanish.  He confirmed that the property is free to purchase and own with no leans or taxes unpaid. 

So we are throwing in what we have with a few others to pull together enough to walk into the work that the Lord has provided.  Most of our lives we have tried to manage our money by living within our means and making good investments.  But this is not a good earthly investment.  It is a piece of property surrounded by poverty down a dirt road in a community where few foreigners live.  Yet we know we are supposed to use everything we have to invest in a Kingdom that does not rust or fade.  If you have ever thought about giving to Water & Light we ask that you consider now.  Join us in purchasing property in Nicaragua.  Come along on this adventure and see how the Lord shows up when we are faithful to His calling.  He just keeps showing up.  It’s usually when we are ankle deep stepping out of the boat hoping we heard his voice correctly, but He has never failed us yet.