Dancing in the rain

We had the pleasure of having our friend Carly come stay with us during the first two weeks of July.  As English club is growing I have been busy creating lessons as well as working to teach my own kids at home.  When Carly contacted me she said she felt led to bring down to us a curriculum that she had used in the public school to teach the fruit of the Spirit through character building.  We brainstormed together ways it could be used here in Nicaragua and then put together a vacation bible school for the kids in our neighborhood to try it out the following week.   We had a blast playing and loving on our friends in the neighborhood and built deeper connection with those we are living among.  We drove up and down our road and picked up kids.  It was simple with lots of soccer, water balloons, and kick ball games and then a basic lesson of how we can grow in virtues.  The last day as we were playing soccer the sky opened up and dumped more rain than I have ever seen in 30 minutes.  It did not slow the kids down one bit.  It was like a finale I didn’t even plan as they danced and splashed in the rain coming off the roof.  Before they left we gave each child a pair of shoes and a bible.  It was extremely meaningful to me as I wrote in the front of each bible.  The two gifts, the shoes and the bible, seemed like a perfect example of what we have hoped from the beginning with Water & Light.  To provide a basic need while gently pointing to the One who can bring light each and every day.   The curriculum was a surprise blessing to us.  One I did not even know I needed.   As we seek the Lord’s direction in every decision, He cares for us so deeply in ways we can’t imagine.  He gently showed us that the education of children is going to be a BIG part of our work here and then flew a friend from the past down to provide the resources we are going to need to complete it.  Just writing these words blows me away.  His kindness, His provision, and His compassion on us throughout this challenging transition give us enough grace to keep stepping until the next rock appears. 

water and light nicaragua-water balloon