Back to school

A big thank you to those who helped support our effort in language school the past two weeks.  We were able to go to an amazing school called Casa Xalteva and receive individualized instruction for four hours a day based on our current level of Spanish.  We learned a lot about Spanish but also had the opportunity to discuss the needs of this country with our Nicaraguan teachers.  Casa Xalteva uses Spanish lessons to fund their education and mentorship program for the kids in Granada.  We just keep meeting the right people to continue to guide us with how to best help the children in Salinas Grandes.  The word we continue to return to as we discuss problems and injustice here is education.  It all comes back to education.  Providing hope and opportunity that will draw the children into the loving presence of our Father.  

water and light at spanish school

Nolan and Ryder had a blast with their teacher Gabriella who did a great job teaching them.  Parker and Brielle are too young for the writing aspects of language school but we were surprised the other day when Brielle walked up to a small stand and purchased candy for her and three friends using perfect Spanish.  She even paid in cordobas.  I have a feeling that they are going to be fluent first. 

Back to Salinas...

I continue to be in awe of how our hearts are being drawn to Salinas Grandes.  After being gone for two weeks we feel ready to head back to the beach.  As I was sharing with a friend about English club this week my eyes weld up with tears thinking about how in such a short time the kids have Salinas have become so dear to me.  My affection for them is not my own, it is inspired by the One who cares so much more for them than I do.  The One who shook up our world and rearranged our lives because He saw a place in Nicaragua that needed someone to commit to a generation that is growing up with little hope and education.  Despite the difficulty of daily life, it is an honor to be declaring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.  He chose us for this calling even though I would not have chosen us.  We get to be His hands and feet and it is such an honor. 

water and light canoe