Rest, reflection, and connection

water and light nicaragua

You will indeed go out with joy and be peacefully guided.

Isaiah 55:12

Rest, reflection, and connection are an essential part of life.  Here in Nicaragua we are learning that we have to make more time, more often to return to the love of our Father.  Our first four months in Salinas have tested us in ways our family has never experienced.  We are so thankful my parents were able to come the last two weeks and take some time to enjoy family and act like tourists for a bit in this beautiful country.  The early morning sunrises have revived my heart and given me time for reading in Isaiah and reflection.  Swimming in the lake has given me the peace and joy in my life that I always experience in nature.  The days spent together with family have given us time to delight in our children and connect more deeply. 

It has solidified in our heart even further the vision we have to create a place of rest and shelter for others to gain direction and peace in their lives.  One of the dreams that has been placed on Dustin is creating a spot where people serving others can come for rest and connection.  After his dad passed away, I watched a shift happen in Dustin’s heart that changed his mentality to, "life is short, I want to live it well."  As he grew I have seen him mentor other fathers, husbands, and men to take time to focus on the gifts in front of them through learning to rest and connect.  We have had the privilege of hosting five missionary families here in Nicaragua in the four short months we have been here.  I am truly amazed that in the midst of learning Spanish and the culture we have had this opportunity.  As we come to understand the Nicaraguan culture better we see a huge hole here for men to be mentored into husbands and fathers who are faithful and committed to their families.  I believe we have been placed here with the gifts and life experiences for such a time as this and to help heal this beautiful world with a Saviors love. 

The next step for us is being brave enough to purchase property where this dream can come to life.  To walk in the Lords peaceful guidance without forgetting to take time to rest and stay connected with our own family.