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Last week our friends Chip and Andrea and their family came down to stay with us and serve in our community.  Through generous friends they were able to bring down medical supplies to our little clinic that is open three days a week for a few hours a day.  They brought down a nebulizer and blood pressure machine, which the doctor immediately started using.  The first patient of the day was a little boy having trouble breathing.  It was eye opening and we were all silent on the ride home after viewing the hand washing station without running water, the exam room, and the rest of the facility.  One nine-year-old girl came in with her baby brother and toddler brother without a parent because she had been feeling badly for eight days and was unable to eat much.  We tried to look into her throat but the only light that was available was the flashlight on our phone.  She was very protective of her siblings and we did our best to get her feeling better. It was a lot to process and yet the doctor was very gracious and thankful for the help.  She thanked us over and over again for the basic supplies that we brought.  The clinic is very limited in what they can treat and often have to encourage people to go to the hospital in Leon 40 minutes away.  But we wondered how many people would take the bus to the hospital and get further treatment. Although the needs are overwhelming we want to be about tying people and their passions in the world to the needs that are all around us.