salinas grande

A little glimpse.......

Last year at this time, we had dear friends visiting us.  We would walk down the beach from our rental house and stand on the property we had purchased.  We turned in slow circles in the center of nearly an acre trying to decide where to start with the ideas we had for using this land to love our community.  As we dreamed, we put sticks in the ground to mark the corners of possible buildings.  A place in the shade to conduct classes, a bathroom, a home for our family, and a casita to share with others.   Just like when we sold our home in Oregon and moved Salinas Grande, we found ourselves in the position of needing to take  a risky first step to begin building in foreign country with limited funding.  We were clear that we should start with a space for the children’s center and we took the first step on Chirstmas Day 2017.   As I write, seven guys from Salinas are still working, we have a place for students to enjoy, and a home for our family.   Be encouraged, if you have a dream…pursue it.  Here’s a little glimpse…….

On the unrest in Nicaragua

What is happening in Nicaragua? 
The people are rising up and demanding that the current president be removed.  After Daniel Ortega passed a law that diminished social security and required more payout, the people protested.  The current government brutally opposed these protests and as many as 65 have been killed.  I have linked a couple of articles that explain what has taken place over the last two weeks.  The protests have been peaceful the last week but continue to demand change. 
Are we safe?
The place we live, Salinas Grande, is very remote and very little has changed.  There are food shortages but so far we have been able to drive into the city on non-protest days and stock up on food and gasoline.  We have plans should things escalate and we are being careful to watch closely to the atmosphere of the country.  We feel able to move inside and outside our house and have continued to hold classes in the children’s center.  We are not being silly or unaware.  We are heavily invested in the lives around us and want to continue working in our community with our eyes wide open to what is happening around us.
How can you help?
Please pray for justice in Nicaragua.  This beautiful country has been held in poverty for a very long time and we are praying that every chain will be broken.  Pray for Nicaraguan leaders to rise up.  The students have been a big part of this uprising.  Pray for protection of the students and all those involved in resisting violence.  Truly this change could bring stability and hope to many in Central America so pray for wisdom and strength for all of the people of Nicaragua as they face the days ahead. 

My children and I are rereading the Chronicles of Narnia together.  This quote stood out to us…

Who said anything about safe?
Course He isn’t safe.
But He’s good.
He’s the King, I tell you. 


Let us chase after our King.  His goodness I continue to see.