A place to rest

This past week we had our first rental of our casita on Airbnb and realized that so much of what we dreamed and hoped over two years ago is finally happening.  We had thoughts and plans in the beginning of this wild adventure to create a place of rest and refreshment for people and it looks absolutely nothing like we envisioned at the start.  In fact, there were several moments over the last year when it seemed absolutely impossible to complete construction.  Our original idea was to use rental income to help sustain our kid’s programs.  We thought these guests would be traveling from other countries, but the revolution last April changed everything.  We realized that over our time here we have been connected to plenty of people doing beautiful work in Nicaragua who could use a place to rest.  They don’t even have to fly across the world.  Tourism has changed drastically….
And yet we have bookings... 
Last Thursday night, a very sweet Nicaraguan friend who disciples students in several communities including ours stayed in our casita for a night of reflection to prepare for her baptism on Sunday.  The week before, people we didn’t know from Matagalpa rented it through Airbnb to enjoy with their family for Semana Santa (Holy Week).  Two weeks of the month of May are booked for a pastor who is retiring and coming to enjoy a family vacation.  Three weeks ago our close friends from SuNica were able to use the place with their family while we were in the mountains.  Even though tourism is almost dead in our community and most places are closed, we continue to have guests and feel grateful for the opportunity to use this land to build others up.  Our intent with the casita is to give the space generously when we feel led and other times to rent it out to enable others to pour their resources back into our community. 
We are dreaming again of how others can come and taste all that happens on the Water & Light property. 

casa pelicano salinas grandes nicaragua