The small yes....


A year ago our friend (Mr. Buzbee) prophesied over us that he could see us walking on dusty and sandy roads. He also said that we should walk and dance into what the Lord was telling us to do.  As Dustin and I talked later, we both agreed that we felt that place was Nicaragua.  When we arrived in Salinas, we found those dusty roads.  The romance of moving somewhere tropical has worn off.  Our feet our black and I have outlawed everyone from climbing onto my bed unless they first wash their feet.  Yet the vision of what the Lord has asked us to dance into is growing day by day.


We continue to feel that we are living right where we are supposed to be.  Opportunities to love our neighbors surface every day.  We have been traveling to other surrounding beach towns to look at properties and get a better idea of fair property prices in Nicaragua.  Each time we return to Salinas Grandes, we love the way that the town is filled with normal Nicaraguan people and not just foreigners living on the beach.  We want to be among the people so we can listen and perceive the real needs and not just rush in to meet what we assume the problems might be.  One need we continue to see is water because the city water does not reach the end of our road in the summer.  Also there is a need for students to have access to computers and a library to research projects for school.  There is no place in our town for students to complete these projects in high school.  High school students here have so many obstacles to overcome.  They face a 12 km dirt road to get to school and have to find ways to complete assignments without proper resources.  

I share each of these needs because I know they will resonate with someone reading this email.  We are not called to do everything but I believe our hearts are stirred at times by needs we were created to fill.  The small yes.  Yes, I could give a few dollars to that.  Yes, my family could come down and spend a week building shelves for a library.  Yes, I could stockpile some Spanish books and send them down with your family when they come to visit.  Yes, I have an extra laptop I would like to donate.  Drops in the bucket that begin to fill up the well.  Yes, I want to be water for the thirsty.  Yes, I want to be light in the darkness.  Yes, I want to fight for justice for kids born into a hopeless situation.  Purveyors of hope.  Who knows what your yes could declare in the Kingdom of God?  Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.