Martin and Rosa

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Our neighbor Martin and his family have been a huge blessing to us living in Salinas Grandes.  They are the caretakers of the house we rent.  Martin and Rosa live in a one-bedroom structure with 6 sons.  They are kind and generous and have the gift of prayer.  They prayed over me the day that Dustin was at the jail trying to sort things out with our motorcycle accident.  They have shared many shocking stories with me, but on the day that Dustin was working out the accident paperwork Martin told me how one time he went to jail unjustly but used the time to encourage the other people in prison.  When his family brought him food in jail he shared it with other inmates because he said they had nothing and he had his caring family.  Martin and his sons are fisherman.  Lately the fishing has not been good so everyone in our community suffers without people buying, selling, and trading fish.  Martin is learning English and hoping that at some point the his new skills has will help provide further for his family.   He asked Dustin to help him with his homework so now the two fathers will be learning a new language from each other. 

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